Scrapers APC carry-all

Type APC 6 APC 7 APC 9
Capacity m³ 6,5 8 10
Blade width mm 2300 2600 2800
Depth mm 1500 1750 1750
Transport width mm 2650 3000 3200
Necessary power hp 80-110 100-140 160-220

APS scrapers

Type APS 12,5 APS 15 APS 20 APS 25
Capacity heaped m³ 12,5 15 20 25
Cutting width mm 2500 3000 3800 4500
Overall width mm 3000 3500 3800 4500
Overall width mm 7650 7650 8150 8150
Weight empty kg 10500 12500 14000 16500
Max. weight loaded kg 32500 39500 45500 61500
Necessary hydraulic power hp 220-300 280-300 295-340 295-400
(Un)loading type Fixed knife pivot ejection Fixed knife pivot ejection Ejector
(push out)
(push out)

AP scrapers 

AP scrapers are designed to load material at the desired height, then transport it over a distance and to unload it on the desired height. The transport and grading function can be combined. Depending on the size of the project a tractor with scraper can be an interesting and cost-effective replacement for a caterpillar crane with tractors and level dumpers. You can save on labour, fuel and depreciation of your machines and furthermore you are helping reducing the CO2 footprint because you only use one combustion engine.

The versatility of the AP scraper makes it an allround machine that requires little maintenance and is suitable for any type op levelling, earth moving, depositing, embedding and transportation.
There are two types available : the AP APC carry-all scraper, scrapers suitable for tractors up to 200 hp and the AP APS scrapers for the heavy work. The two largest models in this APS series can optionally be delivered in tandem design : two coupled scrapers.

Standard equipment scrapers APC carry-all

■ Hydraulic proportional control
■ 2 Wheels 16.00 x 20
■ Changeable Hardox knife
■ Tail-lights

Options APC scrapers

■ 4 Instead of 2 wheels
■ Single laser control
■ Hydraulic front gate
■ Sprayed in a color of choice (if RAL number)

Standard equipment APS scrapers 

  • Heavy-duty independent rotating wheels and adjustable rims
  • Rotatable heavy duty hitch with 50mm pin
  • Hydraulic accumulator suspension
  • Electrical system, road light, turn and stop light, 12V
  • Diagonal yellow/orange safety striping at the back
  • Self-sharpening, reversible Hardox 470 cutting blade
  • Electrically controlled functions

Options APS scrapers

  • Heavy steel push block at the back
  • Air brake connector to tractor brake system
  • Automatic grease system for all pivots and cylinders
  • Coupling for second scraper
  • Laser / GPS control
  • GPS or laser platform
  • Sprayed in a color of choice