Type Working width mm Diameter brush mm Wheels
VHS 1750 1750 750 18 x 550
VHS 2000 2000 750 18 x 550
VHS 2500 2500 750 18 x 550
VHS 3000 3000 750 18 x 550

* Necessary hydraulic power : 40 l/min. – 160 bar (max. 50 l./min. – 200 bar)

Options AP snowsweepers VHS
– Hydraulic angle adjustment
– Parallelogram wheel loader
– Lighting (front and rear lights + SMV triangle)
– Sprayed in company colours
– Alle common quick attachments

AP snowsweepers VHS

During the winter snowplows are often used to clean the roads; disadvantage of the use of plows is that only the top layer will be removed, the bottom layer is being embellished. With the AP snowsweeper all loose snow will be actually removed. Combined with the spreading of salt afterwards the roads will get really clean. An added advantage is that less salt is needed because most snow has alreay been removed by the AP sweeper. Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The AP VHS snowsweeper is a simple, solid machine that is simple to operate. It is equipped with heavy wheels and a brush with a large size. The sweepers can be attached to tractors, wheel loaders, telehandlers and to mounting plates on trucks. Widths from 1750 to 3000 mm, hydraulically driven.

VHS 3000