Technical specifications for Grader Plane

Type Working width cm Transport width
Transport length
Weight kg
GP 3500 250-350 250 480 2900-4000

AP Grader plane

The AP grader plane is designed for the construction and maintenance of gravel and dirt roads. Due to the universally adjustable blade all sorts of road profiles, like a roof profile, can be made in only a single pass.
With the help of the hydraulically adjustable ripper tines old roads / paths can be loosened to a depth of 100 mm, after which the material can be used again for grading.
Suitable for tractors from 8 T with three-point linkage Cat. III.

Standard equipment

• Hydraulic blade adjustment
• Hydraulic angle adjustment
• Hydraulic swivel adjustment
• Removable Hardox knives 25 mm.
• Certified 3-points linkage
• Hydraulic wheel set
• Load sensing hydraulic control
• Delivered with approval certificate EU regulation 167/2013 and thereby providing the possibility to apply for a licence plate
• APMB-1 control box


• Side plough
• Roadside milling machine 900 mm.

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